A Small Collection of Vintage Ads

I scanned these wonderful ads a few years ago from a collection of my great-great grandfather’s belongings. I apologize for the poor quality of the scans!

Chase & Sanborn was the first company to package coffee in airtight cans and the first coffee to be distributed coast to coast in the US. They also packaged their tea this way, which you can see in the ad on the right. The company sponsored the “Chase & Sanborn Hour” on NBC radio. You’ve probably heard their ads if you’ve ever listened to old time radio mysteries (you can find a lot on iTunes or other podcast apps…they’re great on long car rides!) If you want to know more about the coffee industry in the US, check out this pamphlet they published in 1882!

This is my favorite of the bunch. I can’t find a lot of information about Wintersmith’s Chill Tonic but it seems to have been a treatment for malaria. I know that if I ever contract malaria, I hope my medicine has kittens on the box.


This one is nearly impossible to find info on. I think it may have been a local (central Florida) company. I can’t quite decide what’s going on in the ad. In the top panel, the woman is driving…is it saying that she’s such a bad driver she’s going to run the horses into the fence? Or did she lose control of the horses? Is she trying to make a point about how strong the fence is? What is your take here?

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