Gift Guide: All-American (History) Gifts

Full disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. 

If you’re looking for some all-American (history) gifts, I got you. Below you’ll find the coolest gifts for the US history buff on your list! Prices vary from around $10 to $80 but the vast majority of the items are under $30. Check them out and let me know if you snagged any of them!

First off, let me suggest a membership or trip to your/their local history museum! Museum memberships often have more perks than free or discounted membership, such as a discount in the museum shop and/or restaurant, discounts on museum events, and invitations to members-only events, among other things! If a museum membership is out of your budget or you’re not sure if they’d use it year-round, gift them tickets or a gift card or visit the museum with them one day.

If you’d like to give something they can unwrap, here are some ideas…

Presidential Candles from JD and Kate Industries

Ever wanted to smell a Founding Father or just a regular ol’ president? JD and Kate Industries has your back. They have candles with scents like George Washington (whiskey and cherry, which sounds heavenly), Aaron Burr (“gunsmoke drifting low in the Weehawken dawn”), and Ronald Reagan (jelly bean scented, with little wax jelly beans on top!) You can also snag Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Rutherford B. Hayes.

 Constitution and Declaration of Independence Glasses from Uncommon Goods

Your giftee can sip their whiskey, or whatever their drink of choice is, from these super cool rocks glasses! They’re sold individually so you can buy one or both (or multiples of each!) Snag the Constitution glass here and the Declaration of Independence glass here. They pair well with these coasters.

A Mug from Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild

I love mugs and Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild has the coolest mugs around. Above you can see their Supreme Court mug, in which you pour the hot beverage of your choice and watch the losers disappear! I also chose their Presidential Slogan mug and the Ben Franklin electrici-tea mug. Get it? Because there’s a notch to hold the string of your tea bag? Ba dum tsss(PS: You can get 15% off with the code Marx)

A Cool Shirt

There are a ton of history tees out there but these are the ones I’d be thrilled to receive! The Harriet Tubman tee is from Captial Fam on Etsy. There’s the FDR New Deal shirt from Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild. And last but not least, the Elizabeth Keckley shirt from Historical Dream. They have Lizzie’s image on a variety of tops, including sweatshirts! They also have other great American leaders like Frederick Douglass, Chief Sitting Bull, and Harriet Tubman. (Also, I’ll take this Hamilton shirt in a small, please and thank you.)

Historic Home Decor

I love art prints and how easy the internet has made finding cool ones! If you have a Civil War buff on your gift list, they’ll probably love this “History of the Civil War” print (the design is available on a variety of products so you can actually pick something else for them if you don’t think they’d be into a print!) This print of Philadelphia’s city hall will appeal to the history lover, the Philadelphia lover, and the architecture nerd on your list! And last but not least, I love these quote prints! This one features a quote by First Lady and UN Ambassador, Eleanor Roosevelt. The shop has other historic quotes, too!

A Cool Historic Enamel Pin

These little pins are perfect as a stocking stuffer, an under-$20 gift for your Secret Santa, or as a small add-on to another gift! The Underground Railroad lantern pin is by Radical Dreams Pins on Etsy. They have other cool pins that aren’t necessarily history-related as well as a lot of cool history patches. The Sojourner Truth pin is from Reformed School. Again, they have lots of really cool pins (I’ll take a Stevie Wonder and a Marvin Gaye, thanks.) Last but not least, Rosie the Riveter from Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild! You get her and her speech bubble. Or here’s another version of a Rosie the Riveter pin!

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