Gift Guide: Art Lovers

Full disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.

Have someone on your gift list that loves art? Check out these gifts that are sure to please! Most are under $30 so they’ll please your wallet, too!

First, check out a membership to their local art museum. Memberships to my state art museum start at $50 for the year (more than $30 but hear me out) and give members one free ticket to all ticketed exhibits, one free ticket to their summer movies, discounted admission to concerts, and much more. In addition to giving a gift that truly keeps on giving, you’re also helping to support the museum! If you’re not keen on purchasing a membership, check out the museum’s gift shop. Many museums are stepping up their gift shop game and carry some truly cool stuff!

Looking to give something and/or spend a little less? I got you.

Artist Enamel Pins from Unemployed Philosophers Guild


Enamel pins had a bit of a moment recently and honestly, I think these are the coolest! You get Dalí and a melting clock, Van Gogh and an ear, or Warhol and a soup can. Each set is $15.99, making them perfect for your secret Santa or stuffing in someone’s stocking.

Art Mugs from Unemployed Philosophers Guild


The “Brief History of Art” mug features a millennium of artwork and the Frida Khalo mug is the most colorful, cheerful thing you could ever want to put your coffee or tea into! They also have this disappearing ear Van Gogh mug, which I have an earlier version of. This one is much cooler because when you pour hot liquid in, the bandage appears!

Something From Niaski

I am obsessed with this Etsy shop that asks, “What if your favorite artists were cats?” Well, if they were, you’d get figures like Henri Catisse, Frida Catlo, and Kitty Stardust. The artist, Nia Gould, has created enamel pins, prints, totes, and even little sculptures depicting famous artists as cats. It’s all wonderful and if you have an art lover who is also a cat lover on your shopping list, head over there and consider them taken care of. (Pictured above: Frida Catlo print, Henri Catisse tote, and Wassily Catdinsky print.)

Werther and Gray Candles


I am so excited to have found this company! Werther and Gray is a small company out of Wilmington, Delaware and they create candles inspired by history, art, and literature. I purchased Starry Night and Gardens of Versailles for myself and I can attest that they are wonderful!

Small Artist Portraits from The Toddbot Shop

I love these little drawings! They’re from adriantoddzilla (AKA The Toddbot Shop) on Etsy. If his style looks familiar to you, it’s because he is the creator of, and artist for, some popular comics and he was also a contributor to Nickelodeon Magazine (which is why it looked familiar to me!) These little prints are 4×6 (inches) and are just $10. In addition to Mark Rothko and Keith Haring, there is also a Van Gogh portrait and plenty of pop culture prints!

Art History Coloring Books from MaddieStratton

Do you have a coloring book-lover in your life? We all do. But does your coloring book-lover also happen to be an art history nerd? If so, this is for you them. Choose from a coloring book featuring self-portraits by women artists (top) or a good, old-fashioned art history smorgasbord (bottom). Either way, you’re supporting an independent artist and giving your loved one something they’ll be able to enjoy all year long!

A Cool Art History Tee

There are a lot of art history-themed shirts on the internet. A lot. I’m only sharing these four, though, because I think they’re really cool. The Andy shirt is from Total Major. The Marriage of Arnolfini shirt is from Indiscriminate Design. The Picasso tee is from Echolyla and the Creation of Adam crop top (which I can only dream of being cool enough to pull off) is from Vagabondary.

Fun Socks from Chatty Feet

Funky socks are always fun and Chatty Feet sells art history inspired socks like these Mondrian and Picasso pairs. They also have Warhol, Frida Kahlo, and Van Gogh socks as well as a four-pack of art socks ready for gift-giving. They’re based in England so if you’re not in Europe, make sure you order in plenty of time!

Art & Meow by Elly Liyana (on Threadless)

This design, which is available on all of the products above and many more, combines two of my favorite things: cats and art history! I’ve ordered many shirts from Threadless as gifts for my husband and have always been happy with the quality. Because the design is available on everything from tees to prints to phone cases, you can pick something to fit your giftee and your budget!

A Pin or Socks from Pin Museum

When I came across Pin Museum, I was a little upset. It’s such a cool idea and I was mad someone else thought of it! They have art history and museum inspired enamel pins and they just released a line of art socks! These are some of my favorites: the Seurat pin, the Creation of Adam pins, and Scream socks.


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